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The Ibaraki Christian University Library is located in the center of the campus. It houses a collection of more than 230,000 printed volumes and more than 10,000 audio-visual resources. It also subscribes to over 450 periodicals. On the upper floor, there are about 80 audio-visual machines available for student use. On the main floor, students can use Internet terminals for research and communication. The main floor also has reference materials. Open stacks are arranged on the lower floor. Occasionally, there are exhibitions of special interest: for example, a display of toys from around the world, a display of coins from many countries, etc.

roseThe Christian Center

The Christian Center provides guidance and support for all religious activities across the campus. Our main activity is the three times a week chapel services held for university students. Among the other activities are the twice-yearly Christian Lectureship, the university students’ Christmas Worship, and the Graduation Baccalaureate. In addition, we collect contributions on behalf of students from regional Asian countries studying at Ibaraki Christian. The Center also has the “Rose of Anne Frank”, which is a symbol of the importance of life and peace for all. The offshoots of this rose are distributed to schools and other institutions throughout Ibaraki with the hope that all students will seek life and peace for all peoples.

Center for Education and Research

Center for Education and Research was newly found in 2013. Its major role is to support research activities at IC, and to promote academic exchanges between IC and local communities, or between IC and overseas academic institutions. Under the Center, two research institutes exist: The Institute of Counseling and The Institute of Childhood Education and Research.


counselingThe Institute of Counseling

IC had the first center of counseling in Japan. “The Rogers school counseling theory” was first introduced in Japan after World War II at our Counseling Center. Through early workshops a great number of researchers gathered for exclusive studies. The founder of the Institute of Counseling was Dr. Logan Fox, the chancellor of IC at the time. This Institute has been attached to the IC Education Community since the foundation of Ibaraki Christian College in 1967. The frontier spirit of its members (investigating uncharted territories and implementing their findings) has been passed down through generations of counselors.

The Institute of Childhood Education and Research

The purpose of this institute is to facilitate practical approaches to child care, seeking to improve understanding of the development of children through cooperative training and research  of child care workers, local volunteers, community medical staff and others involved in child care.

Center for Information and Network

The purpose of the Center for Information and Network is to maintain good conditions for computer use in the IC Education Community. It manages and supervises the on-campus LAN. In addition, it provides technical support for faculty members and students who use personal computers.

Ibaraki Christian Education Community Archives Center

The Archives Center keeps papers, publications, pictures and other artifacts of the history of Ibaraki Christian. We now have thousands of pictures and historical documents that we are cataloging for easier research and study of our institution.


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