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Brief History of Ibaraki Christian Education Community

As with many institutions of service and education, Ibaraki Christian University has a fascinating history. Situated near the Pacific Ocean in the small town of Omika, Ibaraki Christian University has developed into an important academic institution including: Graduate Schools of Literature (2 programs: Language & Linguistics, Education), Life Sciences (2 programs: Food Sciences & Human Nutrition), and Nursing (2 programs: Basic Nursing Sciences & Practical Nursing Studies), The College of Literature, The College of Life Sciences, The College of Nursing, and the College of Business Administration.

The evolution of the institution can be traced to the opening of a kindergarden in Taga in 1948 and a high school and junior college on our current campus. The founders of the school included both Japanese and Americans. Shunzo Asano and Sakari Nagano were employees of Hitachi Manufacturing Company. They were men of business who recognized that Japan needed a spiritual as well as financial recovery from the war. Ryohachi Shigekuni and Shoichi Oka were two other Christian visionaries who dedicated their talents to the establishment of the school. The American founders included such names as Orvil Dean Bixler, Harry Robert Fox, Sr. (both served in Japan as missionaries before the war), E. W. McMillan (a minister in Memphis, Tennessee) and the sons of H.R. Fox, Sr: Harry Robert Fox, Jr, and Logan Fox.

The institution has had an international focus from its inception. In the early days, the schools were largely funded by contributions from American Christians, and the campus was a training ground for evangelists. Ibaraki Christian University is no longer a mission school, but we remain a school with a mission: educating and equipping students from diverse backgrounds in order that they might contribute to the advancement of society. Although the majority of present students and faculty come from non-Christian backgrounds, the university encourages respect for its unique heritage, and continues to base its education on principles found at the heart of the Christian faith.


1947 Establishment of Taga Kindergarten
1948 Purchase of Shion (Ibaraki Christian) Campus

Establishment of Shion Junior College and Senior High School


Institutions' names changed to Ibaraki Christian Junior College (ICJC) (Department of Liberal Arts and Department of English) and Ibaraki Christian High School (ICHS)

1950 Establishment of Hitachi Kindergarten
1951 Department of Home Economics established (ICJC)
1953 Establishment of Takahagi Kindergarten
1955 Counseling Center (Present Institute of Counseling) established (ICJC)
1962 Junior High School established (ICJHS)

Ibaraki Christian College (Bachelor's Degree Program) established (ICC)
(Department of Biblical Studies and Department of English Language and Literature)

1974 Department of Japanese Literature established (ICJC)
1982 Department of Elementary Education established (ICC)
1987 The Institute of Language and Culture established (ICC)

Graduate School of Literature established (ICC)

(Two programs: Education, and English Literature and Linguistics)
1998 Department of Cross-Cultural Studies established (ICC)

College of Life Sciences established (Department of Human Welfare and Department of Food Sciences)

Institutional name changed to Ibaraki Christian University with initials of IC


College of Nursing established (IC) (Department of Nursing)

2006 Hitachi Kindergarten becomes first Pre-school/Kindergarten school

Ibaraki Christian University Recieved Accreditation from the Japan University Accreditation Association


College of Business Administration (IC)

(Department of Business Administration)

Graduate School of Life Sciences (IC)

(with Food Sciences and Human Nutrition Programs)

Graduate School of Nursing (IC)
(with Basic Nursing Sciences & Practical Nursing Studies)

2012 Takahagi Kindergarten closed

College of Life Sciences Departrment of Human Welfare renamed

Department of Psychology and Welfare


Renewal of Accreditation Received (every 7 years)

from Japan University Accreditation Association


Memorandum of Agreement between University of Riau (Indonesia) and Ibaraki Christian University on the Regulations Concerning the Student Exchange Program


Memorandum of Agreement between University of Nanhua (Taiwan) and Ibaraki Christian University on the Regulations Concerning the Student Exchange Program

2015 Agreement between Oklahoma Christian University and Ibaraki Christian University
on the Regulations Concerning the Undergraduate Dual Degree Program
2015 Agreement between Hanseo University and Ibaraki Christian University
on the Regulations Concerning the Undergraduate Dual Degree Program
2016 McMillan Hall (University Bldg. #1) razed.
Preparation of new entrance on west side of Omika station.
2017 University Club House built.
Satellite IC closed.
70th Anniversary Memorial Book published.



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