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茨城キリスト教学園中学校高等学校 校長 ランドル W.ヴォス

 本校では、この時期の大切さを十分に認識した上で、キリスト教の「隣人愛」の精神に基づき、「心豊かで、実力のある、自立した国際人を育成する」教育を目指していきます。その実現に向けて、 ①生徒の必要に応じたカリキュラム ②スポーツ活動や、各種部活動 ③バラエティに富んだ学校行事 ④多種多様な留学の機会 を提供しています。
 It is not too much to say that the years spent in junior and senior high school are some of the most important years of a person's life. These are the years in which a person grows dramatically, both physically and emotionally. With an abundant curiosity, adolescents begin to understand what kind of person they will grow up to be. They are the years when their interests change from those of a child to those of an adult. The junior and senior high school can also be a time when students struggle to acquire the knowledge and social skills that they will need to live successfully in the adult world. With the importance of these formative years in mind, the teachers at Ibaraki Christian Junior and Senior High School strive to provide instruction that is based on the Christian principle of loving your neighbor as yourself. Our constant goal is to train up spiritually rich, qualified and independent global citizens. To accomplish these goals, we offer: 1) a sound curriculum that is tailored according to student needs, 2) challenging sports and other club activities, 3) a wide variety of school events, and 4) multiple opportunities to study abroad. Every member of our staff is dedicated to giving concrete and meaningful advice to help each student accomplish the goals they have set. At Ibaraki Christian, helping each student grow into a competent global citizen is not just a catch phrase; it is our mission.