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Department of Contemporary English

The aim of this department is to produce graduates who are able to work in international societies globally, using English as an international language. The curriculum focuses on the practical side of English in order to provide students with sufficient training to improve their communication skills. Special classes to cover areas of business, tourism, media and foreign language education are also provided. As for “career support”, students can take classes that are focused on a variety of job qualifications.

Department of Elementary Education

Elementary Education Major

The aim of this department is to create leaders in areas of child education who are able to assist child development, and also promote the formation of children's culture and local culture in the community. The curriculum is based on three major fields: education, education psychology and study of children. Other distinctive features of this department are a manual labor practicum, study of local community, and also counseling at an attached counseling center.

Child Care Major

The aim of this department is to produce leaders with good personality and technical ability who have obtained specialized knowledge to deal with infants, disabled children, children with problems, and with the parents of those children. The curriculum consists of four groups of subjects: basics and techniques of childcare and education, theories of child development and education, clinical cases of development, and childcare practicum.

Department of Cross-Cultural Studies

The aim of this department is to produce graduates who are able to make a contribution to modern society. Culture is regarded dynamically, and importance is placed on the development of practical language skills. Students not only study about culture and the history of cross-cultural exchange, but also learn it through voluntary activities and exchange studies abroad. The curriculum consists of a variety of subjects, with “Global Walking”, “Information Network” and “Language Communication” as keywords.



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